Writing is my passion, but editing is definitely one of my strengths. I have more than 20 years experience as an editor, and have edited magazine articles, websites, books, press releases, resumes... you name it!  

If you CAN'T find the mistakes in these five sentences, you might just need an editor:

  • ​They baked over a hundred cookies in a day.
  • She thought her cat might be sick as it didn't eat it's food for two days. 
  • The trip to Florida was the perfect break for Henry and I.
  • ​Spewing water and making awful noises, Casey knew her dishwasher was about to die.
  • She took offense when her son asked her if she was alive in the 1920's.

If you did spot them all, congratulations: You've got a good grip on grammar. But even if you did find the mistakes, everyone knows it's hard to edit your own writing. My editing rates are reasonable (see below), so if you are looking for an editor, please get in touch. For manuscripts only, send me 1 to 4 pages and I will give you a free edit to show you the mistakes you might be missing.


My rates are as follows:

  • Manuscripts/Books/Lengthy Works: $100 per 10,000 words
  • Resumes: $200 flat fee
  • Articles/Bog Posts: $.10/word
  • Press releases: $200 flat fee

Visit my contact page and send me a note to see how we can get started!

[***Grammar corrections: 1) change over to more than; 2) change it's to its; 3) change I to me; 4) change sentence to read: "Casey knew her dishwasher was about to die because it was spewing water and making awful noises"; 5) change 1920's to 1920s.]